How to apply my cash account on your website for my new order?

Nbeads Support
posted this on Jun 02, 2021 at 01:38 AM

  • If your cash balance is zero, you can deposit money to your cash account, and then you can use it directly to pay for your new order on Nbeads. You are able to deposit money to your cash account by bank transfer, western union or PayPal.


    Please kindly note all kinds of refunding from us is in the cash account. If you cancel an order on Nbeads, your payment will be returned into your cash account automatically. When refunding for you, we usually return them into you cash account. You are free to ask for transferring them into your PayPal account or credit cards.


    If you have balance in your cash account, you can use your cash account to pay for your order directly. Just click the box under your cash balance as showed in the picture below:


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