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posted this on Aug 12, 2013 at 10:38 PM

  • Nbeads can provide for you beads & findings processing services, as follows:

    1. Packing and Dividing Jewelry findings

    A) Jewelry Findings We can divide and pack the Jewelry Findings which are counted by weight in Nbeads, in accordance with your appointed weight.
    Fixed Price: 0.02USD/bag
    B) Chains We shall divide or coil Chains onto a spool based on your desire.
    Fixed Price: 3USD/100m
    C) Thread & Cord We can divide the thread or coil thread onto a spool according to your request.
    Fixed Price: 0.07USD/bag or 0.24USD/reel
    D) Wholesale beads and Findings For the wholesale beads and findings which are counted by amount, well especially assign people to divide and pack them according to required amount. Please refer to the attachment of "Jewelry Findings Processing Services Fee Table".
    E) Others Besides what is said above.

    Note: The above quotations have included the material fee, such as bags, spools, etc.

    2. OEM processing services
    We can offer OEM Processing services. Well offer a wide range of consultancy services to you, ranging from stocking raw materials to processing in accordance with the sample and relevant pictures submitted by you. Please see the mold fee as below:

    Mold Fee Format
    Mold Type Mold Fee Mold Time Min. Order Remark
    Plastic Mold 35USD/Style 15 Days 10,000pcs Free Mold if order QTY 50,000pcs and permit to be sold on Nbeads
    Steel Mold 160USD/Style 15 Days 50,000pcs Free Mold if order QTY100,000pcs and permit to be sold on Nbeads

    If you have any question on processing services, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

    Attachment:Jewelry Findings Processing Services Fee Table

    Beads, which asked to divide big bale into small ones
    1-10pcs/bag 0.015USD/bag  
    11-30pcs/bag 0.025USD/bag  
    31--50pcs/bag 0.03 USD/bag  
    51-100pcs/bag 0.04 USD/bag  
    101+ 0.045 USD/bag The more amount, the lower the price
    e.g. 1 bag=1000pcs: 10pcs per bag=100 bags=1.5USD, 100pcs per bag=10 bags=0.40USD
    Pins, Spacers
    1-10pcs/bag 0.02USD/bag  
    11-20pcs/bag 0.04USD/bag  
    21-30pcs/bag 0.06USD/bag  
    31-40pcs/bag 0.08 USD/bag  
    41-50pcs/bag 0.10USD/bag  
    51-60pcs/bag 0.12USD/bag  
    61-70pcs/bag 0.14USD/bag  
    71-80pcs/bag 0.16USD/bag  
    81-90pcs/bag 0.18USD/ bag Per 10pcs more, 0.02USD more
    Earring Settings, Clasps
    1-10pcs/bag 0.015USD/bag  
    11-20pcs/bag 0.020USD/bag  
    21-30pcs/bag 0.025USD/bag  
    31-40pcs/bag 0.030USD/bag  
    41-50pcs/bag 0.035USD/bag  
    51-60pcs/bag 0.040USD/bag  
    61-70pcs/bag 0.045USD/bag  
    71-80pcs/bag 0.055USD/bag  
    81-90pcs/bag 0.060USD/bag Per 10pcs more, 0.005USD more


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