How to place an order and make payment ?

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posted this on Aug 29, 2023 at 01:19 AM

  • How to place an order and make payment?

    Wecome to to buy jewelry beads and findings. Now, we will show you how to order and make payment on

    How to Place an order?

    There are two methods to place an order with from your reference as following:

    A. You just need to Add whatever products you like into your shopping cart. Then checkout. That's it. Now, we are very happy to offer step-by-step instructions to help you place order as follows:

    Step one: Sign in firstly . Then search and select products you like.

    Before ordering, please sign in firstly as following:

    Then,you could either browser the product categories or search products by its description or key words to select products, and then, click the “Add to Cart” to put them in your chart. Also you could click the “Shopping Cart Logo” in the top of the right on the page to review products you have already selected and check shipping cost, you could remove them or adjust the quantities by the button " Plus" , “Minus” and “Remove”. The button "Continue Shopping" will help you back to the product shopping page.

    Choose a category as following.

    Add to Cart as following:

    Check item you add to shopping bag:

    Increase , reduce or remove items in the shopping cart as following:

    Continue shoppping goods

    Step two: Check Out or Paypal Check out directly

    After you choose goods to the shipping bag, please click button "Check Out" or "Paypal Check out" directly. Then, our website will show several pages for you to write down shipping address, select shipping method, and make payment. We offer you details as following.

    1. Address
    After you have already founded products you want, the button "Checkout" or "Paypal Check out directly" will lead you to the next step to edit or modify your shipping address. Please kindly note one information. If you don’t sign in before you add goods to the shopping bag,here, it will come out a page to remind you sign in before check out or Paypal check out.

    2.Shipping Method
    After confirming the shipping address, click the button "Select Shipping Method" to choose shipping methods, options of methods and shipping cost will list for your choice.

    3. Customs Clearance
    Customers are responsible for customs duty/VAT if it occurs. You may need to pay for duties according to the value declared to customs. Please input the declared value for shipping invoice if you have special requirement. Meanwhile, if you have VAT or EORI No.. If the order changes, we will declare the customs invoice according to the percentage below. If you are not sure, we will declare a lower value excluding shipping fee. You could choose real value or lower value to declare and specially shipping requirement can be edited in shipping comments too.

    4. Payment
    Click the button"Place Order", you will be asked to select currency, select payment method and then "Pay Now" to make payment.
    Please kindly note: Please Pay for order within 30minuts. Or your order will be canceled automatically.

    5. Place order successful
    After click "Continue" and make payment, you will receive your order number and a confirming email. Then we will arrange to process your order and ship out as soon as possible.

    Paypal Method: sign in your paypal account to finish payment.

    Credit/Debit Card via Paypal Method: If you don’t have Paypal account, you can also to make payment though Credit/Debit Card.

    Please kindly note: click here to know how to track your order.

    B. Please email us the detailed information of what you want to order including item number, quantity, shipping address etc. You can also fill in the order form and send it to us [email protected] via email. We will tell you the total cost after receiving your order via email.

    Our suggestion: You can make your order via either above methods. However, we think it is better to place your order online through Nbeads website as it is easier to process and expedite your order. Moreover, you can check the details and the status of your order in your account on our website if you place order through with shopping cart.

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