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How to place an order with your Nbeads Account?

Nbeads Support
posted this on Oct 08, 2013 at 12:04 AM

  • We are very happy for your wish to order now, step-by-step instructions to help you place order as follows:


    Search and select products you like.

    You could either browser the product categories or search products by its description or key words to select products, and then, click the "" to put them in your cart. Also you could click the "" in the upper right on the page to review products you have already selected and check shipping cost, you could remove them or adjust the quantities by the button "" and " ", the button "" will help you back to the shopping page.


    Check Out



    Well done! Now you have already find products you want, the button "" will lead us to the next step to edit or modify your shipping address.



    2.Shipping Method

    After confirming the shipping address, click the button "" to choose shipping methods, options of methods and shipping cost will list for you to choose. You could choose real value or Lower value to declare and specially shipping requirement can be edited in shipping comments too.



    Click the button"", you will be asked to fill in the billing address, select currency, select payment method and then "" to make payment.



    Place order successful

    After click "" and make payment, you will receive your order number and a confirming email. Then we will arrange to process your order and ship out as soon as possible.

    Please kindly note: click here to know how to track your order

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