Contacting Nbeads

Our small team receives a lot of emails. Here's how to get help:

  • 1) Search Instant Answers.

    Get an answer now: the answer to almost every question we receive is in our Instant Answers section.
  • 2) Review Known Issues.

    If we're already working on it, there's no need to contact us.
  • 3) Email Help.

    Provide as much detail as possible. Note: Your answer for "What do you need help with?" is very important.
  • 4) Check your email.

    Within 5 minutes, you will receive a response which either suggests a solution, or confirms your question has been received.
  • 5) Still need assistance?

    If we send a response and you still need assistance, reply and we'll review it as soon as possible. A response may take several business days.

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