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posted this on May 31, 2021 at 11:36 PM

  • About Nickel & Lead

    Various products, especially the alloy products and wood products, can not avoid lead or nickel. But most of products at www.Nbeads.com are lead-free or nickel free and we will also be pleased to offer the lead and nickel inspection service.

    1.Lead free or nickel free products

    a. All the products described as "lead free" or "nickel free" have absolutely passed the lead or nickel inspection test.
    b. Cloisonne beads are nickel free.
    c. Porcelain beads are lead free.
    d. CCB material is nickel free and lead free.
    e. All goods in red copper color and antique bronze color are lead free.
    f. Goods made of iron are lead free.
    g. Zinc alloy beads are nickel free.

    2.Lead free or nickel free inspection service

    We have a profession lab and apparatus to check the content of lead or nickel in our products, which can precisely check the content of the metal products and offer accurate metal content analysis report.
    We can offer Lead and Nickel Free Guarantee Certificate by every lead-free or nickel free item, if the certificate is needed.

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