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What is Happening! Post, Share and Win CASH!

Summary: Great News! In order to return our customers' trust and support, Nbeads will provide good chance to earn money for our customers. Any customer who shares package or item photos from Nbeads with others has the privilege to get US$3- $10 cash back. US$3- $10 Cash, not Coupon! You just need one minute to meet most beautiful pleasantly surprised. Hey, what are you waiting for? Come on!

Date : Jul 07, 2014

Do you want to save money for your next shopping spree? Do you want to earn money by the simplest way? Do you want to be filled with elation and amazement? Do you want to …? Yes, yes, yes. Nbeads gives you the good chance to make the dream come true!

Any customer of Nbeads has the privilege to get US$3- $10 cash back. Here, please pay attention to the following steps.

How to join?

Step 1: Choose an available sharing website, shopping platform or blog (shown in the notes) and post your package or item photos and positive comments which are relevant to Nbeads.

Step2: Send the link or screenshot of your sharing to [email protected] or directly contact our customer service staff. We will check your comment, and then decide how much you could get according to the quality of the comment. Once we confirmed the information, US$3- $10 cash back will be presented to you. US$3- $10 Cash, not Coupon!

How much could you earn?

Goods Value


Less than US$50


Exceed US$50 (including US$50)


Official Rules:

  1. This giveaway is open to customers who shop with Nbeads.com ONLY! Positive comments and clear photos for Nbeads are welcomed. You should post one or more photos of the package or items you received from us. However, those inquiries for products or seeking advice will be excluded from this activity.
  2. US$3- $10 cash back! Not Coupon!
  3. After we check your comment, we would confirm with you how much you could get according to the quality of the comment.
  4. What’s more, you could participate in the activity after each shopping experience.

Share Now:

We are eager to hear your good shopping experience, feelings and suggestions about our site and service. Show what you like to the world; earn what you need for yourself. We are always waiting for you.


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