Traditional Chinese knot patterns-How to tie a Snake Knot

Summary: One of the traditional Chinese knot never appear in other Macrame projects: the snake knot. Through learn how to tie a Snake Knot, you will be able to make a beautiful chain for your handmade necklace or bracelet. Brand new pattern you cannot miss.

Date : Sep 25, 2012

The Snake Knot is another traditional Chinese knot, though seldom known by people, it can truly play an important role in making jewelry ornaments by thread and cords. Our course today will show you how to tie a Snake Knot step by step, and after that, you will get to know how amazing the Snake Knot pattern is.

Snake Knot

How to tie a Snake Knot?

Step1: make two loops by two ends

Firstly, secure one tip of either working end to a board and the make the first loop in clockwise direction with another end tip;

Next, pass another working end through the loop 1 and continue direct the same end tip to form the loop 2. Make sure the end pass the segments of cord 1 in the way of over-under-under-over.

How to tie a Snake Knot step1

Step2: complete the loop2

In the Snake Knot diagram, we can see three segments in the loop1. Lead the end goes through the segments like over-under-over. At last, tighten the loop 1 and leave the loop2 a little loose.

How to tie a Snake Knot step2

Step3: create the loop 3

Pick up the blue cord end and thread it firstly under the lower left brown end and then over the higher left brown secured end; finally, pass it through the loop 2 and then tighten whole ends for the loop3.

The next two pictures are the close view of obverse and the reverse.

How to tie a Snake Knot step3

Step4: make the loop4 and complete the Chinese Snake Knot

Take the bottom right brown end and pass it under the bottom left blue end and finally pass it through the loop 3. Pull on all ends and you will get an authentic Chinese Snake Knot.

How to tie a Snake Knot step4

Then, repeat the above steps and you will get a terrific chain by mass of Chinese Snake Knot. And the key to learn how to tie a Snake Knot well is always practice the tutorial. Enjoy yourself!

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