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  • What is Happening! Post, Share and Win CASH!

    Summary : Great News! In order to return our customers' trust and support, Nbeads will provide good chance to earn money for our customers. Any customer who shares package or item photos from Nbeads with others has the privilege to get US$3- $10 cash back. US$3- $10 Cash, not Coupon! You just need one minute to meet most beautiful pleasantly surprised. Hey, what are you waiting for? Come on!

    Date:Jul 07, 2014

  • Nbeads Increases Its Affiliate Program Commission up to 15%

    Summary : Exciting news! Nbeads has increased its affiliate program commission up to 15% (which is 10% before).

    Date:May 06, 2014

  • Nbeads Affiliate Program – 10% Commission

    Summary : Recently Nbeads has joined in affiliate program on Shareasale. As a professional jewelry beads supplier for 4 years, we have nearly seventy thousand beads in popular catalog.

    Date:Apr 25, 2014

  • Submit Articles, Earn Cash

    Summary : Big news, Nbeads.com is waging the “Submit Articles, Earn Cash” activity. It is an easy and direct way to make money.

    Date:Apr 22, 2014

  • Your New Shipping Choice: SLUS - Free Duty

    Summary : Exciting News: Nbeads offers another new shipping choice: SLUS.

    Date:Apr 10, 2014

  • Top Fan Activity Offers You Huge Coupon

    Summary : Top fan activity is underway on Nbeads’ Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/nbeads). Welcome to join in it! We will offer you huge coupon as reward.

    Date:Mar 04, 2014

  • The second Sep discount storm-Halloween exclusive sale

    Summary : As the approaching of spooky but meaningful Halloween, have you guys get ready to celebrate the “Trick or treat” games, or our second round promotions?

    Date:Sep 18, 2012

  • New promotion manner-save more budget through our daily deals

    Summary : The entirely new round promotion in Sep has launched for half a month and we have to say that thanks for all your recognition and support. Now, besides some regular promote sales by means of discount and coupons, another big privilege has been carried out for both new and customers: daily deals.

    Date:Sep 16, 2012

  • New discount storms land again, don’t miss!

    Summary : You are lucky to find this page, our Nbeads present big surprise from Sep. 4th to Oct. 3rd - huge discounts on substantial items- for you; it is used to welcome all of you, our new friends and royal customers.

    Date:Sep 16, 2012