Step by step knots tutorial-How to tie a Chinese button knot

Summary: In this tutorial, I will show you how to tie a Chinese button knot; as same as other fantastic decorative knots, the delicate Chinese button knot can be very popular and at advantage at many aspects than other knot, I promise!

Date : Sep 23, 2012

The Chinese button knot, trace back to the old days, is a kind of frequently used accessory in clothing. As the personalized handmade jewelry craft rage on and on, it now has been adopted in many fields. Follow the next sentences show on how to tie a Chinese button knot and you will find out more extraordinary vantages of it.

how to tie a Chinese button knot

How to tie a Chinese button knot?

Step1: make a loop with right working end

Lay a strand of 120cm long cord on a flat surface. Then pick up the right working end and lay it over the right end to form the Loop 1;

Step2: loop 2 in Chinese button knot

Direct the left working end around loop 1 in clockwise direction. Make the left working end pass under the loop 1;

Step3: create the loop 3

Take the left working end in diagram to weave through loop 1 and loop 2 in way of under-over-under-over.

Step4: make the loop4 and tighten cords for a complete Chinese button knot

Use the same working end to weave through loop 3 and loop 2 by means of under-over-under-over as well;

After that, tighten the cord gradually and your Chinese button knot is well done.

How to tie a Chinese button knot steps

In a word, the traditional Chinese button knot, as a kind of decorative knot position at one cord ends, this can make a neat finish to your handmade item. Additionally, as same as learn making the monkey fist knot, to practice how to tie a Chinese knot skillfully, you should try several times. Hope you can love it. 

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