How to tie a lanyard knot, Monkey Fist knot and Wrapped Knot

Summary: This tutorial will illustrate you how to tie a lanyard knot in easy steps; in addition, some widely used patterns out of lanyard knot will be showcase as well.

Date : Sep 17, 2012

Knot1: How to tie a lanyard knot

Generally speaking, a lanyard knot is considered to be another popular knot among numerous vintage Macrame pattern. These beautiful decorative knots are sometimes named as Crown Knots. By choosing applicable thread and cords, they will make fairly unique pattern. Here, let’s start how to tie a lanyard knot firstly.

how to tie a lanyard knot


Step1: prepare two cords

Take two cords measure at least 50cm, then cross them on center points to form an X shape;

Mentally number the four branches with 1…4.

Step2: form a loop with branch 1

Lay the branch 1 over its right-side strand (strand 2) to form a loop;

Step3: fold branch 2

Fold the strand 2 and make it lay over the strand 3;

Step4: fold strand 3 in same way

Refer to what you done for strand 2;

Step5: fold strand 4

Fold the strand in entirely same way and then pass the end through the loop you made with strand 1;

Step6: complete the lanyard knot

Tighten all cord ends in turns.

how to tie a lanyard knot steps

Extended lanyard knot pattern: Spiral Sennit

Extended lanyard knot pattern

To make a spiral sennit out of lanyard knots, you need to tie at least five times and you will find that the separate knots may stack on one and another. Just repeat tying the same lanyard knots in same direction, you will soon get an interesting spiral sennit.

While practice how to tie lanyard knot, be sure of the direction keeps absolutely consistent; thus, just try making more wonderful items of these decorative lanyard knots, even a handle or a collar for your pet.

Knot2: How to tie a Monkey Fist Knot

The Monkey Fist knot, though rarely applied in jewelry making projects, it can act really excellently. You can use it to create a natural closure of your handmade pieces; or you can also try tying an array of them to serve as pendants for a lovely necklace, bracelet or even the earrings. Then, just see my directions on how to tie a monkey fist knot.

How to tie a Monkey Fist Knot

How to tie a Monkey Fist Knot?

Step1: wrap the cord around fingers

Get on strand at least 80cm and hold out the index and middle fingers of one hand, keep them straight and make two slightly separate.

Next, fix the left cord end with hand and wrap three full turns with right working cord end;

Step2: pass the right working end towards left side

According to the arrows showcase, pass the right working end through the space left between two fingers;

Step3: make another three turns

Remove the coils from fingers carefully and still hold on; next, wrap three more turns as you did in step1;

Step4: Make three more turns to lock the previous turns

In the picture 4, firstly, pass the right working end through left-side space; then after the end out through left, continually lead it through the right space from front to back; next, repeatedly wrap three more turns in same direction; 

Step5: complete the Monkey Fist Knot

Pick up the left cord and tie an overhand knot at its tail. Once finished that, tighten each turns respectively and then you will make your Monkey Fist knot.

How to tie a Monkey Fist Knot steps

Tips: while learn how to tie a monkey fist knot, do not except it can result in a neat item in first try. Furthermore, for the newcomers of monkey fist knot tying, choose the Nylon Cord which can slide more smoothly than other materials may be more proper. Also, the cord can be even better with the 4mm and 6mm diameter. Hope you can enjoy yourself with it. 

Knot3: How to tie a wrapped knot

As the unique usage in bind, the wrapped knot can sometimes equal to a gathering wrap, which is quite popular in vintage Macrame. Thus, as the widely use of wrapped knot tying technique, try to practice more skillful by following this tutorial. Can’t wait to learn how to tie a wrapped knot? Let’s just begin.

How to tie a wrapped knot


Step1: preparation working

lay the cord strands horizontally or vertically onto a desk and make sure the area you want to tie a wrapped knot; then take another strand of cord to fold it and place it beside the to-be-wrap area;

Step2: wrap the first loop

Find the position 5cm beyond the area to be wrapped for placing the fold; then wrap the first cord around cords bundle as the picture show;

Step3: Wrap the working end for several times

Wrap the working end several times towards the fold; next, pass the working end through the loop of folded position;

Step4: tie the wrapped knot

Pull on the secured end gradually until the loop and working end come to the middle position of wrapped knot.

Step5: complete your wrapped knot

Make sure both cord ends have been fixed firmly and then cut off the excess cord parts.

How to tie a wrapped knot steps

Tips: while learn how to tie a wrapped knot, you’d better adopt the kinds of curved cords so that it can exert great friction. In addition, after finish your wrapped knot, to apply some glue to the wrapped area can prevent the knots from falling apart more effectively.

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