Step by step knot tying-How to tie an overhand knot

Summary: Step by step knot tying featured diagram-how to tie an overhand knot, the simplest of knots, usually made of the end of cord to act as a stopper knot that can prevent fraying effectively.

Date : Sep 24, 2012

A simple overhand knot in a degree own its special advantage: it is one of the few stopper knots may be used to tie against an object or other knot tightly. Therefore, just follow the next paragraphs to learn how to tie an overhand knot.

Overhand knot instructions:

Step1: form a loop within the end.

Step2: put the end tip over your cord.

Step3: pass the end through the loop.

Step4: tighten the cord to form your overhand loop.

Overhand knot instructions

Those are all processes in learning how to tie an overhand knot. For more step by step knot tying, please try back to the main catalogue. Hope this may do help you a little.

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