Step by step knots tying-How to tie a half knot

Summary: Step by step knots tying guide-how to tie a half knot; as the diagram shows, tie a half knot is to wrap one cord end around another one to produce a new knot.

Date : Sep 23, 2012

The half knot, as a blind knot, is the basic movement of square knot. Learn how to tie a half knot, you will be able to make another more knots quickly and easily.

How to tie a half knot

How to tie a half knot?

Step1: lay two ends onto a desk;

Step2: cross one end over another;

Step3: lead the working end wrap under and upon the other end one time;

Step4: tighten the cords to form a half knot.

How to tie a half knot steps

Often, in Macrame, one half knot cannot bind lonely. It is always tired around a core or cooperated with more strands. Warmly be noticed that in some serious situation, the half knots should be used with caution for its shortage of easy to capsize and slip. More detailed knots info like this how to tie a half knot tutorial, please focus on the learning center.

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