Guide on how to tie a double half hitch knot and one frequently used pattern in friendship bracelet

Summary: Complete diagrams will illustrate you how to tie a double half hitch knot step by step; additionally, some frequently used patterns for your reference while making the popular friendship bracelet.

Date : Sep 23, 2012

When mention the popular friendship bracelet, everyone will be remind of its colorful pattern and meaningful sense. Each knot can be regarded as a symbol of unbroken friendship. In today’s guide, I will show you how to tie a double half hitch knot that really vital while making a thick friendship bracelet. So, let start the knot now.

how to tie a double half hitch knot

How to tie a double half hitch knot?

Step1: tie a half hitch knot firstly

Cross two ends on a board, one place vertically and another horizontally; then use the vertical end to tie a half hitch knot around the vertical holding end;

Step2: tie another half hitch knot

Beside the right space, use the same working end to tie one more half hitch knot. After tighten the end, you have done a double half hitch!

How to tie a double half hitch knot steps

Pattern 1: The Horizontal double half hitch

Step1: prepare working

Take at least 3 lengths of cords (in a thick friendship bracelet, you may even need 10 lengths of cords or more), make one as the horizontal holding cord and the rest under it;

Step2: tie double half hitch one after one

In accordance with the order of rest vertical ends, tie double half hitch in turns from left to right.

Step3: make the second row

When finished the row 1, change the beginning end as holding cord and repeat the same processes for rest ends.

Tips: in the tutorial, I use an individual cord as the holding cord. But when practice, you should use the starting end refer to how you create the row 2.

double half hitch knot pattern1

Pattern 2: Diagonal double half hitch

Similarly, to practice the Diagonal double half hitch pattern, just refer to what you have done in the pattern 1.

Remember that while tighten the ends, make the holding cord be declivous; then when start with the second row, just make the last end as new holding cord.

Tips: in order to make the pattern neater, keep the upper ends portion strictly straight!

double half hitch knot pattern2

Have gained some understanding to how to tie a double half hitch knot now? For more unique patterns for Macrame, just stay tuned! 

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