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Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Multi-strand Gemstone Bracelet

Summary: Today I’m going to share this tutorial to teach you how to make a simple multi-strand gemstone bracelet. Multi-strand bracelet designs are becoming more popular now, the combination of colorful cat eye beads and golden accessories is very suitable for sunny summer days. Let’s check out the details with me.

Date : Apr 26, 2022

Materials and tools needed:


Cat Eye Beads, Round, Mixed Color, 8mm

Brass Spacer Beads, Round, Golden, 4x3.5mm

Copper Craft Wire, Golden, 18 Gauge, 1mm

304 Stainless Steel Cable Chains, Flat Oval, Golden, 3x2x0.5mm

Iron Open Jump Rings, Golden, 21 Gauge, 5x0.7mm

Zinc Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps, Golden

Mix Iron Eye Pin, Golden Color


Needle Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Instructions on how to make the bracelet:

Step :

1st, Cut a piece of 1.5mm copper wire, make sure it fits your wrist, then make two loops on each end of the wire. (as shown in the picture)

2nd, Make some bead links with eye pins and beads, I used colored cat eye beads and gold spacer beads. Then just connect these bead links together to a final length that matches your wrist size. (as shown in the picture)

3rd, Connect the copper wire bangle and beaded chain together with two gold jump rings. (as shown in the picture)

4th, Add a jump ring and a piece of cable chain to one end of the bracelet, then add a jump ring and a lobster clasp to the other end. (as shown in the picture)

Here is the final look of the bracelet:

So, do you love it? Some people prefer simple designs. If this multi-strand gemstone bracelet happens to be what you are looking for, do not hesitate to have a try. Or, if you have better designs, you can share with us too. Hope you like this tutorial.


Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

8mm Mixed Color Round Glass Beads(G-PH0034-07)

8mm Mixed Color Ro...(G-PH0034-07)

Weight: 219.000000g Unit: 1Box

-- 1Box 6 Unit US $25.90

Add to cart

Golden Round Brass Spacer Beads(X-KK-L165-03A)

Golden Round Brass...(X-KK-L165-03A)

Weight: 10.000000g Unit: 50pc

-- 1pc 2 Unit US $2.81

Add to cart

1mm Copper Wire(CWIR-XCP0002-04)

1mm Copper Wire(CWIR-XCP0002-04)

Weight: 161.690000g Unit: 2Roll

-- 1Roll 29 Unit US $9.08

Add to cart

304 Stainless Steel Cable Chains Chain(X-CHS-R002-0.5mm-G)

304 Stainless Stee...(X-CHS-R002-0.5mm-G)

Weight: 5.600000g Unit: 1m

-- 1m 93 Unit US $0.74

Add to cart

Golden Round Iron Close but Unsoldered Jump Rings(X-NFJRG5mm)

Golden Round Iron ...(X-NFJRG5mm)

Weight: 52.000000g Unit: 50g

-- 100g 9 Unit US $1.11

Add to cart

Golden Alloy Clasps(X-E102-G)

Golden Alloy Clasp...(X-E102-G)

Weight: 34.000000g Unit: 100pc

-- 1pc 42 Unit US $2.30

Add to cart

5cm Golden Iron Pins(M-EP001Y-G)

5cm Golden Iron Pi...(M-EP001Y-G)

Weight: 509.000000g Unit: 500g

-- 100g 8 Unit US $5.57

Add to cart

Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Black Carbon Steel Wire Cutters(P025Y)

Black Carbon Steel...(P025Y)

Weight: 65.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 75 Unit US $1.52

Add to cart

Black Carbon Steel Round Nose Pliers(P035Y)

Black Carbon Steel...(P035Y)

Weight: 58.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 95 Unit US $1.57

Add to cart

Black Carbon Steel Wire Cutters(P020Y)

Black Carbon Steel...(P020Y)

Weight: 67.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 2 Unit US $1.52

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