Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Autumn Beaded Bracelet

Summary: Hi everybody, It seems that we haven't shared a bracelet making tutorial for a while. Today we will share with you a bracelet tutorial that is very suitable for autumn. Let's try to make it!

Date : Nov 16, 2022

Materials and tools needed:


MIYUKI Round Rocailles Beads  2x1.3mm

Electroplate Glass Beads,3x2mm

Brass Magnetic Clasps,11.5~16x6~10mm


Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire
Steel Beading Needles
Stainless Steel Scissors

Instructions on how to make the rings:

Step 1:

1st, Use 9 rice beads to form a small circle in the center, and then use 8 rice beads to form three small petals outside the center (as shown in the figure).

2nd, Use three Glass Beads to pass through the three round holes and be wrapped by them.(as shown in the picture)

Step 2:

1st, Continue to thread the needle with rice beads to form small circles wrapping three glass,(as shown in the picture)

2nd, And so on, and make the length you want.(as shown in the picture)

3rd, Finally, use Brass Magnetic Clasps to wear in the middle of the rice beads to make the head and tail ends.(as shown in the picture)

Isn't it interesting? Come and give it a try! You can use the same method to make other colorful bracelets which fit this season !

Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!


Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Round Rocailles Glass Beads(X-SEED-G009-RR3324)

Round Rocailles Gl...(X-SEED-G009-RR3324)

Weight: 11.500000g Unit: 10g

-- 10g 6 Unit US $2.29

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3mm Goldenrod Rondelle Glass Beads(X-EGLA-R048-2mm-24)

3mm Goldenrod Rond...(X-EGLA-R048-2mm-24)

Weight: 6.000000g Unit: 1Strand

-- 1Strand 9 Unit US $0.96

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Mixed Color Round Brass Clasps(KK-JP0010-08)

Mixed Color Round ...(KK-JP0010-08)

Weight: 114.540000g Unit: 1Box

-- 1Box 6 Unit US $8.06

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0.2mm Clear Nylon Thread & Cord(X-EC-L001-0.2mm-01)

0.2mm Clear Nylon ...(X-EC-L001-0.2mm-01)

Weight: 14.000000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 7 Unit US $1.22

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Stainless Steel Needles(X-ES002Y)

Stainless Steel Ne...(X-ES002Y)

Weight: 5.000000g Unit: 1Bag

-- 1Bag 3 Unit US $1.09

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Tools Information

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Mixed Material Findings Kits(TOOL-LS0001-07)

Mixed Material Fin...(TOOL-LS0001-07)

Weight: 562.810000g Unit: 1Set

-- 1Set out of stock US $18.03

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