Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Amethyst Flower Necklace

Summary: Do you like amethyst, it is a symbol of nobility and elegance. Today we will make a necklace with amethyst chips and glass crystal beads. Let's take a look together, I think you will like it.

Date : Oct 26, 2021

Materials and tools needed:


Natural Amethyst Chip Bead Strands

Old Rose Glass Bicone Beads Strands, Faceted

Imitation Austrian Crystal 5301 Bicone Beads, Gold

FGB 12/0 Round Glass Seed Beads, Golden Plated

Vacuum Plating 304 Stainless Steel Cable Chains

Iron Open Jump Rings, Nickel Free, Golden

304 Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasps, Real 18K Gold Plated

Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

PE Braided Fishing Line, White


Needle Nose Pliers

Stainless-Steel Scissors

Iron Sewing Needles

Instructions on how to make the necklace:

Step 1:

1st, String five golden seed beads and fix them together. (as shown in the picture)

2nd, Fix a glass bead and a golden seed bead between the two golden seed beads. (as shown in the picture)

3rd, Repeat the second step four times, so that a simple beaded flower is complete. (as shown in the picture)

Step 2:

1st, Follow step 1 above to make three beaded flowers, you can use glass beads of different colors.

2nd, String together amethyst chip beads and beaded flowers with white braided thread. It is necessary to connect jump rings at both ends. (as shown in the picture)

3rd, Finally, install the chain and lobster clasp, the necklace is made successfully.

Do you like this amethyst flower necklace? It is simple but chic, very suitable to embellish your clothes. Nbeads has many good quality and inexpensive amethyst beads, you can use them to enrich your creations, go pick them now.

Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit



Weight: 68.080000g Unit: 1Strand

-- 1Strand 32 Unit US $4.06

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4mm OldRose Bicone Glass Beads(X-GLAA-S026-05)

4mm OldRose Bicone...(X-GLAA-S026-05)

Weight: 9.000000g Unit: 1Strand

4 ~ 5mm 1Strand 25 Unit US $0.57

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4mm Gold Bicone Glass Beads(X-GLAA-S026-14)

4mm Gold Bicone Gl...(X-GLAA-S026-14)

Weight: 7.500000g Unit: 1Strand

4 ~ 5mm 1Strand 33 Unit US $0.72

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2mm Glass Beads(X-SEED-A022-F12-615)

2mm Glass Beads(X-SEED-A022-F12-615)

Weight: 55.000000g Unit: 50g

-- 100g 2733 Unit US $3.65

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Stainless Steel Cross Chains Chain(CHS-H007-01G)

Stainless Steel Cr...(CHS-H007-01G)

Weight: 31.000000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll out of stock US $9.14

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Golden Stainless Steel Clasps(X-STAS-R050-10x6mm-02)

Golden Stainless S...(X-STAS-R050-10x6mm-02)

Weight: 3.720000g Unit: 10pc

-- 1pc 22 Unit US $2.11

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Clear Nylon Thread & Cord(X-NWIR-R0.2MM)

Clear Nylon Thread...(X-NWIR-R0.2MM)

Weight: 10.000000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll out of stock US $0.52

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0.1mm White Nylon Thread & Cord(NWIR-WH0003-01A)

0.1mm White Nylon ...(NWIR-WH0003-01A)

Weight: 97.000000g Unit: 3Roll

-- 1Roll 16 Unit US $8.32

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Golden Ring Iron Close but Unsoldered Jump Rings(X-JRG4mm)

Golden Ring Iron C...(X-JRG4mm)

Weight: 50.000000g Unit: 50g

-- 100g 18 Unit US $0.66

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Stainless Steel Scissors(TOOL-WH0037-02LG)

Stainless Steel Sc...(TOOL-WH0037-02LG)

Weight: 107.000000g Unit: 5pc

-- 1pc 37 Unit US $11.42

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Pink Carbon Steel Chain Nose Pliers(PT-L007-13)

Pink Carbon Steel ...(PT-L007-13)

Weight: 68.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 15 Unit US $1.70

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Iron Needles(X-E254-9)

Iron Needles(X-E254-9)

Weight: 3.956000g Unit: 1Bag

-- 1Bag 7 Unit US $0.61

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