Easy to make bracelets projects-How to make bracelets for kids

Summary: An easy tutorial tells how to make bracelets for kids. Making bracelets for kids is not only to bead a jewelry accessory for your kids, but also a good chance to teach them how to make bracelets and help discover their talents!

Date : Aug 20, 2012

In kids’ world, they are also eager to be fashion as adults do. No matter the dresses or some jewelry accessories. However, due to their nature of inconstancy, choose some easy to make bracelets can be a wonderful solution. Besides, making bracelets for kids can be fun and easy. To learn how to make bracelets for kids is also a project that helps discover your children’s talents and teach them how to be focus.

how to make bracelets for kids

Choose the materials while making bracelets for kids:

Handmade Gold Sand Lampwork Bead

Grade "A" Natural Freshwater Pearl Bead

Tibetan Silver Bead Cap

Spacer Bead

Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

Iron Jumpring

Tiger Tail

Tools needed while making bracelets for kids:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

how to make bracelets for kids-Materials needed

How to make bracelets for kids?

Step1: Add on Brass Lobster Claw Clasp

Cut out one 15cm long tiger tail wire and attach the Brass Lobster Claw Clasp onto one tip with iron spacer bead.

Step2: String beads

While making bracelets for kids, you may not need to think too much about the issues like whether the beads are fashion or outstanding, as simply as possible.

Regard Tibetan Silver Bead Cap*2, Grade "A" Natural Freshwater Pearl Bead*1 and Handmade Gold Sand Lampwork Bead*1 as one group, repeat the group until get an ideal length.

how to make bracelets for kids step2

Step3: Finish making bracelets for kids

Add a Jumpring at the end with iron spacer bead again. Once cut off the excess wire and you will have your handmade bracelet!

So easy, isn’t it? Try more combinations as you can do! While face how to make bracelets for kids, you should pay attention to the materials. In easy to make bracelets, natural materials with bright color can be better. Such as in this bracelet, I choose the safety glass beads and Natural Freshwater Pearl Bead as main materials, and furthermore, all metal parts are special nickel free materials.

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