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Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Elegant Tassel Style Jewel Hair Fork

Summary: In today's tutorial, we will teach you how to make an elegant tassel style jewel hair fork. The ancient style hair fork blends popular elements. It can definitely become a beautiful decoration on your head. Come and learn.

Date : Apr 05, 2021


Materials and tools needed:

30x71x9.5mm Alloy Cabochons, with Cat Eye, Shell, Glass Beads and Brass Findings

23x23x9mm Alloy Cabochons, with Rhinestone and ABS Plastic Imitation Pearl

74x72x17mm Alloy Cabochons, with Acrylic Imitation Pearl and Rhinestone

9x7x1mm Environmental Glass Pearl Teardrop Beads

5x1mm Baking Painted Pearlized Glass Pearl Round Beads

6x4x1mm Electroplate Glass Beads

102x31x2mm Iron Hair Forks Findings

1.5mm 304 Stainless Steel Flat Head Pins

0.6mm 304 Stainless Steel Eye Pins

0.3mm Copper Jewelry Wire

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

side-cutting pliers 


Instructions on how to make the hair fork:

Step 1: Make the main part of the hair fork

1st,use 0.3mm copper jewelry wire to fix the largest 30x71x9.5mm alloy cabochon to the iron hair fork finding, you need a flat nose plier.

2nd,use the same method to fix the other two alloy cabochons to the iron hair fork finding.


Step 2: Making tassels

1st,thread a 9x7x1mm environmental glass pearl teardrop bead with a flat head pin,then cut the extra pin, and bend the wire to a loop.

2nd,thread a 5x1mm baking painted pearlized glass pearl round bead with a eye pin,then cut the extra pin, and bend the wire to a loop.Repeat the same steps to make electroplate glass bead links.

3rd,connect the prepared bead links as shown in the picture below, you need to make a total of five tassel chains.