Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Elegant Rose Quartz Rings

Summary: We’ve made many beaded bracelets and beaded necklaces before, but we seldom make beaded rings. So, today we’d like to share you a handmade beaded flower rings tutorial that we hope you enjoy. Now, let’s see the making details below.

Date : Oct 11, 2022

Materials and tools needed:


Natural Rose Quartz Beads, Round, 4mm

Glass Pearl Beads, Pearlized, Round, White, 4mm

12/0 Grade A Round Glass Seed Beads, Golden Plated, 2x1.5mm

Iron Spacer Beads, Long-Lasting Plated, Round, Golden, 4mm

Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire, Clear, 0.2mm


Iron Sewing Needles

Stainless Steel Scissors

Instructions on how to make the rings:

Step 1:

1st, Slide six rose quartz beads onto the wire, then thread the wire back through the first three rose quartz beads to make a flower. (as shown in the picture)

2nd, Slide a spacer bead onto the needle and thread the needle through a rose quartz bead. Repeat this step, stringing a spacer bead between each two rose quartz beads. (as shown in the picture)

Step 2:

1st, Slide a white pearl bead onto the wire, then put the white pearl to the middle of the rose quartz flower and thread the wire through the opposite rose quartz bead. (as shown in the picture)

2nd, Slide enough golden seed beads onto the wire, depending on the size of your finger, and thread the wire through the opposite rose quartz bead. (as shown in the picture)

3rd, Pass the needle through three rose quartz beads back to the opposite starting point, then through the first five golden seed beads, and tighten the wire and knot it, finally cut off the excess wire. (as shown in the picture)

4th, Use rose quartz beads, white pearl beads and gold spacer beads to easily create a simple matching ring. (as shown in the picture)

Are you interested in handmade flower rings? If so, you might like today's DIY project. With some rose quartz beads, glass pearl beads, seed beads, spacer beads, and a little basic beading skills, you can quickly make a pair of these lovely beaded flower rings.

Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

4mm Round Rose Quartz Beads(X-G-C076-4mm-3)

4mm Round Rose Qua...(X-G-C076-4mm-3)

Weight: 7.000000g Unit: 1Strand

-- 1Strand 15 Unit US $1.36

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4mm White Round Glass Pearl Beads(X-HY-4D-B01)

4mm White Round Gl...(X-HY-4D-B01)

Weight: 20.340000g Unit: 1Strand

4 ~ 5mm 1Strand 23 Unit US $0.76

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2mm Glass Beads(X-SEED-A022-F12-615)

2mm Glass Beads(X-SEED-A022-F12-615)

Weight: 51.000000g Unit: 50g

-- 100g 1560 Unit US $1.83

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Golden Round Iron Spacer Beads(X-IFIN-R237-4mm-G)

Golden Round Iron ...(X-IFIN-R237-4mm-G)

Weight: 55.000000g Unit: 500pc

-- 1pc 1020 Unit US $0.87

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0.2mm Clear Nylon Thread & Cord(X-EC-L001-0.2mm-01)

0.2mm Clear Nylon ...(X-EC-L001-0.2mm-01)

Weight: 14.000000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 7 Unit US $1.22

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Stainless Steel Needles(X-ES002Y)

Stainless Steel Ne...(X-ES002Y)

Weight: 5.000000g Unit: 1Bag

-- 1Bag 3 Unit US $1.09

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