Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Elegant Bracelet Set

Summary: Today’s idea is a set of bracelets with the theme of pearls. We will explain how to make one of the bracelets. You can give full play to your creativity with the remaining two bracelets.

Date : Sep 02, 2021

Materials and tools needed:


Glass Pearl Round Beads, White, 10mm

Shell Pearl Beads, Round, White, 8mm

Natural Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads, Round, White, 6mm

Brass Beads, Round, Textured, Golden, 12mm

Iron Spacer Beads, Round, Golden, 4mm

304 Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasps, Golden

Brass Jump Rings, Golden

304 Stainless Steel Eye Pins, Golden

Copper Jewelry Wire, Light Gold, 0.2mm


Flat nose pliers

Side-cutting pliers

Round nose pliers

Instructions on how to make the bracelet:

Step 1:

First of all, we need to prepare a few wire-wound pearl connectors. This is not difficult, you can learn by looking at the step diagram. These wire-wound pearls will be the highlight of this bracelet.


Step 2:


We are not making beaded bracelets, we just need to make different beads into connectors and connect them together. (as shown in the picture)

It's much easier than beading, isn't it? And you can flexibly match and make multi-layered bracelets, which are also very popular. Nbeads can provide a wealth of materials for your creativity, so hurry up and go shopping.

Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

10mm White Round Glass Pearl Beads(X-HY-A002-10mm-RB001)

10mm White Round G...(X-HY-A002-10mm-RB001)

Weight: 55.000000g Unit: 1Strand

10 ~ 13mm 1Strand 20 Unit US $1.54

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8mm FloralWhite Round Shell Pearl Beads(X-BSHE-L026-03-8mm)

8mm FloralWhite Ro...(X-BSHE-L026-03-8mm)

Weight: 37.000000g Unit: 1Strand

8 ~ 9mm 1Strand 16 Unit US $4.52

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6mm White Round Pearl Beads(X-PEAR-S001-6~7mm-3)

6mm White Round Pe...(X-PEAR-S001-6~7mm-3)

Weight: 27.000000g Unit: 1Strand

-- 1Strand 7 Unit US $9.97

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Golden Round Brass Beads(KK-F762-10G-12mm)

Golden Round Brass...(KK-F762-10G-12mm)

Weight: 331.200000g Unit: 300pc

-- 1pc 1 Unit US $45.41

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Golden Round Iron Spacer Beads(X-IFIN-R237-4mm-G)

Golden Round Iron ...(X-IFIN-R237-4mm-G)

Weight: 75.000000g Unit: 500pc

-- 1pc 465 Unit US $0.68

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Golden Stainless Steel Clasps(X-STAS-H352-01C-G)

Golden Stainless S...(X-STAS-H352-01C-G)

Weight: 5.000000g Unit: 10pc

-- 1pc 67 Unit US $2.00

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2.4cm Golden Stainless Steel Eye Pins(X-STAS-L238-005G-G)

2.4cm Golden Stain...(X-STAS-L238-005G-G)

Weight: 1.380000g Unit: 20pc

-- 1pc 3 Unit US $0.71

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0.2mm Copper Wire(X-CWIR-Q006-0.2mm-G)

0.2mm Copper Wire(X-CWIR-Q006-0.2mm-G)

Weight: 12.000000g Unit: 1Roll

-- 1Roll 1091 Unit US $0.93

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

Pink Iron Round Nose Pliers(PT-L004-52)

Pink Iron Round No...(PT-L004-52)

Weight: 60.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc out of stock US $0.94

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Pink Iron Side Cutting Pliers(PT-L004-50)

Pink Iron Side Cut...(PT-L004-50)

Weight: 54.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 265 Unit US $0.75

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Pink Carbon Steel Chain Nose Pliers(PT-L007-13)

Pink Carbon Steel ...(PT-L007-13)

Weight: 68.000000g Unit: 1pc

-- 1pc 32 Unit US $0.90

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