Nbeads Tutorials on How to Make Blue Spiral Bracelet with Bugle Beads

Summary: Nice to see you all again! Today we're going to give you some basic tips, you can easily start a wirework with the help of them.

Date : Feb 01, 2023

Materials and tools needed:


Transparent Colours Rainbow Glass Bugle Beads

Baking Paint Glass Seed Beads

Nylon Wire Fishing Line


Instructions on how to make the Wire Wrapping Pendant:

Step 1:

1st Pick up 6 beads in the order below( 1 bugle- 1 seed bead-1 bugle - 1 seed bead-1 bugle - 1 seed bead). Slide the beads down the thread. Leave about 8-10 inches of tail at the end.(as shown in the picture)

2nd Twist the rope into a spiral. Next, pass the needle through all the beads from down upwards.Pull the thread tight. Bring both ends together and tie some knots.(as shown in the picture)

Step 2:

1st Pick up 1 seed bead and 1 bugle bead, pass the needle through the next seed bead.Repeat the step again. Make sure to pull the thread tight and hold the beads in place as shown.(as shown in the picture) 

2nd After adding few layers you would see the spiral forming. Finally, add the connecting buckles at both ends of the rope and you are done. (as shown in the picture) 


Can't wait to share other jewelry making tutorials with you. See you next time!


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6mm SkyBlue Glass Beads(X-TSDB6MM163)

6mm SkyBlue Glass ...(X-TSDB6MM163)

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4mm Goldenrod Glass Beads(X-SEED-S003-K30)

4mm Goldenrod Glas...(X-SEED-S003-K30)

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0.35mm Clear Nylon Thread & Cord(X-NWIR-R0.35MM)

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