Ideas for making bracelets -a series of bullet bracelets

Summary: This is an instruction to inform you some ideas for making bracelets. Bracelet making has become popular these days. Therefore this project is right for the jewelry makers who are ready to try this special bracelet—bullet bracelet.

Date : Aug 27, 2012

A new item in jewelry kingdom is a kind of stuff full of toughness, strength and manliness. You can bet increasing number of males love this kind of jewelry. It is called bullet jewelry. The commonly seen pattern is bullet bracelet. Whether men or women are both enchanted in this kind of items. That is to say, bullet necklace is made of real bullet, while supplies of real bullet are not as common as other supplies; so it may be replaced by bulletlike pendants, bullet jewelry also includes bullet chain.

Have you decided to make a bullet bracelet by yourself? The things you need are as follows:

Used bullet without gunpowder in it (that’s very important; remember to not to leave yourself in danger), brass casing, link chain, eye screw, drill machine, hammer.

Ideas for making bracelets Step 1: make brass casing ready for next step

First, mark the center point on casing, as this point decides whether the bullet bracelet will be hung stably. In case of any tilting side, the center must be marked correctly.

Second, use drill machine to drill a small hole on this point; and then screw a tiny eye screw in.

bullet bracelet

Ideas for making bracelets Step 2: make the bullet findings done

First, insert the prepared bullet into casing, and pull it in at most

Second, take out hammer, gently apply it onto the rest part of bullet; therefore bullet can be firmly placed in brass casing.

gold bracelet

Ideas for making bracelets Step 3: finalize the bullet bracelet

First, slide the bullet findings one by one onto chain; generally males might prefer large box link or Cuban link chain, which can largely emphasize the strength and courage which shows the cool feelings. In the matter of fact, bullet bracelet based on chain or cord has an obvious effect to demonstrate the findings. Second, polish the findings if necessary and use soft cloth to remove any dirt or spot that may influence visual effects of this bullet jewelry.

special braceletshining bracelet

Now it is time to finish this tutorial about ideas for making bracelets, and the bullet bracelet you followed to do is finished. Why not posting you finished products and share your good ideas about other kinds of bullet jewelry, like bullet chain with us.


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