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How to make gimp bracelets by easy 3 steps

Summary: The tutorial how to make gimp bracelets aims at tutoring you a brief way to create the vividly-colored bracelets.

Date : Sep 18, 2012

Gimp bracelets are sometime also friendship bracelet; both of them are braided out of various strings and flosses. Many how to make gimp bracelets tutorials give detailed information about diversified braiding skills and patterns. In this one, we will introduce you a simple technique to plait good-looking gimp bracelets.

For how to make gimp bracelets, what do you need?

Gimps of your favorite colors, adhesive tape, scissors, clasps

step 1: prepare the gimps

First, snip several pieces of gimps in the colors of what you favor and the lengths are about 30cm.

Second, comb the gimps, making each one clearly separate from others;

Third, make a tight knot at the top of gimps.

step 2: braid the gimp bracelet

First, pick the first gimp F to loop around gimp R twice as below 1-3 shows;

Second, the gimp F becomes the second, and you repeat the 1-3 to loop gimp I twice;

Third, continue the loop work until the gimp F reaches the rightest side;


How to make gimp bracelets step 2

step 3: finish the gimp bracelet

First, repeat step 2, as picture shows, you will get the braided pattern of 6;

Second, till the gimp bracelet’s length is enough, you can stop and make a knot to avoid loosening;

Third, install clasp to close the gimp bracelet loop.

How to make gimp bracelets step 3

So your tutorial about how to make gimp bracelets is completed, it is very easy right? There are many other methods to braid gimp bracelets, also easy-to-learn and fast-to-understand. Weaving gimps and making stitches are always funny, aren’t they?

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