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How to make Egyptian jewelry- an ancient amulet with modern element

Summary: We are inclined to tutor you how to make Egyptian jewelry this time; to be more accurate, this tutorial is about making an ancient amulet which can date back to the past ages of Egypt.

Date : Sep 09, 2012

However, our tutorial is not aiming at just telling you a way to simulate the ancient Egyptian jewelry; as it is we who create such kind of unique jewelry and devote ourselves to design, we can totally do some changes and add more uncommon elements. It is not about how to make Egyptian jewelry, but about how to create a personalized jewelry in Egyptian style.

Things you need for how to make Egyptian jewelry:




How to make Egyptian jewelry step 1: prepare the vulture pattern

First, vulture is the main part of your amulet, before making out, accurately set out its size;

Second, draw or print the amulet pattern onto white paper, and cut it out of cardboard;

Third, with acrylic paint, color the amulet pattern into gold.

How to make Egyptian jewelry step 1

How to make Egyptian jewelry step 2: prepare Egyptian jewelry pendant

Fist, weigh up the necklace length, pick proper amount of clay;

Second, mold the clay into partial moon shape with 1-1.5 cm width, which will be the pendant for next steps;

Third, press the amulet pattern into middle, with big blue beads left and right accompanying; and then take them out, leave the indents they make and wait the clay dry.

How to make Egyptian jewelry step 2

How to make Egyptian jewelry step 3: finish the Egyptian jewelry

First, color the moon pendant in gold color too and correspondingly put the beads and amulet back into the indents;

Second, glue them into their positions one by one, and wait the glues dry;

Third, thread ribbon or turquoise beads strand to enhance the style look and ancient atmosphere.

Congratulations, our Egyptian jewelry is completed, so the tutorial about how to make Egyptian jewelry is over. There are more complicated Egyptian patterns; you can get to try when your crafts are applied skillfully. In addition, we recommend you to take in several knowledges about Egyptian jewelry history and remember some vital meaning of the symbols you would use in your jewelry patterns.

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