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How to make clay jewelry: a rose clip

Summary: This tutorial is about how to make clay jewelry, which will instruct you to make a hair clip in rose shape, Very cute and lovely. You must love it.

Date : Aug 21, 2012

Hair clip just consists of two sections: ornament and clip. Clips can be easily got and varies in patterns. The core part of project “how to make clay jewelry” is to make novel ornament that suits one’s characteristics.

How to make clay jewelry

Then how to make the ornament part for clay jewelry?

Things you need are polymer clays in a series of color (for example, indigo, light blue, and royal blue), wires, clip and slicer.

Then how to make clay jewelry now?

How to make clay jewelry Step 1: make the flower

First, fetch a ball of royal blue polymer clay, flatten it and roll it up with thumb and index finger, like rolling a scrap of paper; then the pistil is done.

Second, fetch two balls of light blue polymer clay, similarly flatten it, but then use it to coat the pistil around, forming the middle layer of rose petals.

Third, fetch about three balls of indigo polymer clay; repeat the above process, so the outer layer of rose is also done.

Last, use slicer to cut off the bottom part of the rose, because the bottom part reveals all colors used in petals and exceed the length that a rose should have.

How to make clay jewelry Step 2: make the calyx

First, Fetch two or three green colored polymer clay, flatten it

Second, use slicer to sculpture the shape of leaves; press them onto the flower, so the rose is prepared.

Third, insert a proper length of wire into the rose, and put them into an oven, making the clay as hard as rock

How to make clay jewelry Step 3: finish the clay jewelry

Install the rose onto clip with round nose plier by wrapping the other end of wire firmly. Then the rose clip is done.

Our project about how to make clay jewelry is over; in the matter of fact, the rose clip can be changed into rose brooch, rose-drop earrings, or rose-pendant necklace. Such kinds of clay jewelry tutorials are very flexible in jewelry making. One project can be multiplied into variously different ones. Hope you learn and enjoy.

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