How to make button jewelry-quickly to make jewelry with buttons and

Summary: Concise guidance on how to make button jewelry within 2 pieces of odd buttons and Imitation Leather Cord; Whole button jewelry can be made in half an hour. No need of skillful beading technique and materials.

Date : Sep 13, 2012

Learn how to make button jewelry can be a creative way to get second use of odd buttons. And in addition, Wear and make these button jewelry can also help improve one’s practical ability and image ability. Thus, just try making the following simple bracelet using two pieces of diverse pieces.

how to make button jewelry

Things need to prepare for how to make button jewelry:


Imitation Leather Cord

Side Cutting Plier

How to make button jewelry?

Step1: Prepare the Leather Cord

Cut out 2 equal long Cord branches. Measure the length according to your wrist size and leave more space for braiding process.

Step2: Make jewelry with buttons

Take 1 cord and pass it through one button hole and stop button at center position of your cord (if you use some 4 holes button, please prepare 4 cord branches). Then, tie a knot.

Step3: Braid the cord.

Simply twist two cord tips.

Step4: Make another half portion of button jewelry

Repeat the above three steps for making another section of whole bracelet.

Step5: How to make button jewelry-ending work

Tie knot on both cord, and then pass cord tips on either one tip through another shell button beads and tie another knot to hold the button in place. To another tip, make a loop according to the size of shell button bead.

how to make button jewelry steps

Once finish the above steps, you have completed your button jewelry now. It is really simple, right? No extra beading technique is needed and no additional materials as well. The following is the detailed beading processes on the how to make button jewelry project. Have fun!

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