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How to make button earrings- pair of Christmas tree earrings

Summary: How to make button earrings; a bunch of light and deep green buttons beads to help you make a pair of festival Christmas tree earrings. Each earring only takes 2 or 3 minutes.

Date : Sep 13, 2012

Besides merely being used to holding shirts and pans together, buttons can also be turned into terrific jewelry pieces. In today how to make button earring project, nothing is needed extra but your imagination and creative. After seeing how lovely and simple these button earrings are, you might even make a pair for yourself.

How to make button earrings

Things you’ll need for making button earrings:


Star Acrylic beads


Earring hook

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier


How to make button earrings step1: string beads into a strand

Firstly, string some small brown buttons as your Christmas tree trunk portion;

Next, thread the green button beads from lager to small in turns.

How to make button earrings step2: add on the top star

Choose a star for you whole Christmas tree. Here, I adopt one light Acrylic bead to avoid too heavy of my earrings.

How to make button earrings step3: attach on the earring hooks

When string the star on, leave about 6cm to bend a loop to connect the pendant with earring hook. 

Here, within one minute, you have finished your Christmas tree earrings now. Or if you like, you can also make other dangling earrings out of odd buttons. By learning this how to make button earrings guide, will you just throw away the odd buttons away any more? Aha, everything is possible when you set your mind to recreate it!

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