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How to make bottle cap necklaces- bottle caps can also create miracles in jewelry area

Summary: This instruction about how to make bottle cap necklace will present you a perfect way to create a piece of bottle cap jewelry with resin material.

Date : Aug 21, 2012

Many great artists like to use kind of junklike or secondhand objects to design an amazing artwork. This kind of things also happened in jewelry making field. Once you see these fantastic masterpieces you won’t forget them forever. I guess many jewelry fans have a fresh impression on Czech artist’s necklace designs made of various bottle caps.

How to make bottle cap necklaces

Although you are not a great artist now, you might become one in near future. Only if you are brave to give it a try. This project is a splendid experiment for you who are on the way to design some surprising products out of bottle caps.

The things you need for jewelry making in this project are:

Resin, bottle caps, overdue newspapers, white papers, small inclusions; wires, link chain, glue

Pliers, wire cutter, scissors, drill machine

Then how to make bottle cap necklace?

How to make bottle cap necklace Step 1: prepare your supplies

First, spread overdue newspapers over the table where you will do this project.in this way, any spots or scraps won’t dirt your table and also keep the materials clean.

Second, use soft cloth to clean and dry your prepared bottle caps; and then use scissors to cut pieces of round scraps out of white papers, and the scraps should be right fit the bottle caps’ insides.

Third, attach the scraps to bottle caps with glues. And wait the glues to be dry.

How to make bottle cap necklace Step 2: embellish your caps

First, if you prefer, do some drawing on the scraps with different colors.

Second, mix up the resin solution; and then put the tiny inclusions into bottle caps (the inclusions must be tiny enough to suit for the inner space of caps); the inclusions can be either shining charms or natural insects. If use insects, the finished product will be amberlike.

Third, pour the resin into caps, and wait it dries.

How to make bottle cap necklace Step 3: finish your bottle caps jewelry

First, drill hole at top part of each caps.

Second, use pliers to make sufficient rings, and then make them slightly open; and connect them to links of a chain. In center middle, you can thread more than two caps, and in rest links, you can add one to one each, which all depends.


Now our project about how to make bottle cap necklace is completed. But your try about the bottle caps is not over. Through a lot of times, you may be skillful on this project and in near future, you are able to design exciting bottle caps jewelry.

Tag : jewelry making

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