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How to make a wire wrapped jewelry: copper bracelet

Summary: Copper color shows a temperament of antique and vintage, so you may much prefer it; this instruction about how to make a wire wrapped jewelry will fulfill your wishes.

Date : Aug 17, 2012


When comes to the question about how to make a wire wrapped jewelry, you will not forget to mention copper wire. As this wire is such a common thing that almost every kind of jewelry are including it. Only the jewelry belong to beading and wire wrapping, copper coil are usually used in these occasions.

wire wrapped jewelry

If just utilizing copper wire to make a piece of jewelry, many makers would suggest copper wire bracelet. It is popular because of the wild and bold style, which is loved by young people regardless of genders.

Then how to make a wire wrapped jewelry with copper.

Get the basic supplies and tools ready for use:

Copper wire

Brown glass square bead

Copper dome disk

Wire cutter

Round nose plier

Knitting needle

How to make a wire wrapped jewelry Step 1: prepare the copper parts you need

cut your copper wires into two lengths; one is for making jump rings used to connect small components like dome disk and wire wrapped bead; and the other one is for making copper clasp which is bigger than the jump rings, therefore the length is also required longer.

Use nose plier to make simple loops, if necessary, hammer can be used to flatten the loops; then the jump rings are well prepared. Next, in the same way, use plier to make clasp, notice here the clasp has two parts: one is a circular shape like jump rings, while the other is the jug-shaped hook. The end of each ring needn’t firmly closed.

How to make a wire wrapped jewelry Step 2: make wire wrapped bead

Fetch a long piece of copper wire, fold in half and use one half to make a simple loop, cut the excess ; then wrap the rest half around knitting needle for several times, cut off; and wrap around the existing wire until you are satisfied. , next make another loop at other end. The wire wrapped bead is done. Notice to move off the needle carefully.

How to make a wire wrapped jewelry Step 3: wrap the glass bead

Use copper wire the wrap the brown glass square bead with simple loops

How to make a wire wrapped jewelry Step 4: finish the wire wrapped bracelet

Circular part of clasp, copper wire bead, glass bead, dome disk and clasp hook are all connected in order with jump rings. Then your copper bracelet is completed.

There are many projects about how to make a wire wrapped jewelry, like copper bracelet, silver necklace and so on. We are looking for your sharing.

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