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How do you make earrings-make handmade earrings with easy steps

Summary: One of excellent solutions for how do you make earrings; guidance on making handmade earrings with household materials and tools. Create an attractive pair of earring to match with any special outfit easily with 2 steps.

Date : Aug 30, 2012

If you are a beginner in making your own jewelry, learn to solve the problems like how do you make earrings more easily but special is exactly necessary. Among a plenty of making earring ideas, make a pair of handmade earring can be the most considerable. Small household materials such as gemstone beads and pearl beads can be turned into incredible jewelry ornaments with merely pins.

how do you make earrings with easy steps

Materials for making handmade earrings:

Natural Freshwater Pearl Bead

Natural Jade Bead

Earring Hook



Iron Chain

Tools for making handmade earrings:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Materials for making handmade earrings

One considerable solution on How do you make earrings

Step1: Prepare pendant part of make handmade earrings

Part1: string the Jade Bead with longer Eyepin and wrap a triangle bail by using the Round Nose Plier; next, assemble the pearl beads with shorter Eyepins and bent loop at the other ends.

Part2: string the above branches with one long Eyepin. Ensure the Jade Bead part is at the center among pearl beads parts and bent a neat loop on the other tip.

How do you make earrings step1

Step2: Make handmade earrings

Cut out two 4cm long iron chains and hook the two sections iron chins onto two tips of the core Eyepin. Once well prepared, you can start to group the earrings. Firstly, earring hook; then one pearl bead part; next Jumpring; and at last the chains.

Small tips for you: while practice today’s making earrings ideas, you can also try using the ball headpins instead of eyepins. In addition, in the step1, after string the separate branches with one eyepins, you can bend the core Eyepin into a certain radian. However, got any inspirations on how do you make earrings now? Welcome to leave your doubts and inquires below.

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