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Summary: Want the graceful decoration with you? Let us just do it now!

Date : Mar 14, 2012

Want the graceful decoration with you? Let us just do it now!

The material needed: Crystal Thread, Czech Glass Beads (light green*4, transparent*4), flower caps,

seed beads, and rings.    

1.cut the thread into about 50cm, string the 4 transparent Czech glass beads, meanwhile, pass the other tip through the forth bead .
2. Select four translucent flower caps; put two caps on both tips respectively, then cross a green Czech glass bead.
3. Add one green bead on one section and the else two on the other.
4. Pass the two tips through the forth bead and tighten the thread.
5. String the green flower caps on each section, then repeat the forth step.
6. String three seed beads on both two parts, after done this, weave eight seed beads together with two tips.
7. Separate the thread again and string three seed beads with each tip.
8. Pull the thread and cross them in the green Czech beads.
9. Pass the thread through the seed bead, make a knot then and move the leftover thread.
10. The last, place the rings inside.

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