How to make drop earrings in three steps

Summary: Handmade Gold Sand Lampwork Bead drop earring DIY, as well as how to make drop earrings step by step with detailed illustrations!

Date : Aug 10, 2012

Reading this project on how to make drop earrings with simple and basic steps will tell that make a pair of drop earrings can also be a super fun thing. Within one or two beads, several pins and one earring hook, a gorgeous item will come out immediately!  So, let’s just start now.

drop earrings

What you need when make drop earrings:

Drop Handmade Gold Sand Lampwork Bead

Grade "B" Freshwater Pearl Bead

Iron Eyepin

Brass Ball Headpin

Iron Earring Hook


Tools used when make drop earrings:

Side Cutting Plier

Wire-Cutter Plier

Round Nose Plier

Tools used when make drop earrings

How to make drop earrings?

Step1: Wrap out the drop Handmade Gold Sand Lampwork Beads with Brass Ball Headpin

For the ideas about how to make drop earrings, the dangling drop part is undoubtedly the most vital one. To get these two pieces, to string the beads with brass ball headpins and then wrap the beads with extra pin part by making use of two pairs of Wire-Cutter Plier.


Step2: Make the drop earrings’ adornment part

In this step, I choose two Freshwater Pearl Beads as the adornment parts. String the pearl beads with eyepins and end with making another hook.

How to make drop earrings step12

Step3: Complete the whole drop earring

Group the above two parts and add on the earring hooks!

How to make drop earrings step3

Tips: When choosing the beads, keep in mind that using large or several glass beads might make the drop earrings too heavy for your ears. So, have you get the key point about how to make drop earrings?

At last, hope you will enjoy my instructions on this pair of drop earrings. Any advices are warmly welcomed!


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