How to make Christmas earrings- easy to make tree-shape Christmas earrings

Summary: How to make Christmas earrings by a few inexpensive Glass Beads; use Economic Glass Beads to help bring a strong sense of charm and glitter to the stunning pair of Christmas earrings; Easy-to-read and easy-to-practice.

Date : Sep 03, 2012

To most jewelry making fans, the theme items can be bound to put in a festive mood; especially in the popular Christmas, lots creative easy to make Christmas ornaments will appear around on that occasion. In today’s guide, i will teach you guys how to make Christmas earrings. The main inspiration of this pair of Christmas earrings is based on the household Christmas tree.

How to make Christmas earrings

Main materials for learn how to make Christmas earrings:

Abacus Glass Bead (12mm, 8mm, 6mm)

Cube Glass Bead (4mm)

Bicone Glass Bead (4mm)

Earring Hook


Assistive tools for learn how to make Christmas earrings:

Side Cutting Plier

Round Nose Plier

Main materials for learn how to make Christmas earrings

How to make Christmas earrings?

How to make Christmas earrings step1: string beads into a tree shape

Take one long headpin, string the Cube Glass Bead*1, 12mm Abacus Glass Bead*1, 8mm Abacus Glass Bead*1, 6mm Abacus Glass Bead*1 and finally 4mm Bicone Glass Bead*1 in orders.

How to make Christmas earrings step1

How to make Christmas earrings step2: attach on the earring hook

After string beads with headpin, leave about 6~7mm length and cut of the extra parts; then bent the left part into a loop and add the earring hook.

How to make Christmas earrings step3: make another piece of Christmas earrings

Repeat the above two procedures.

Beaded Christmas earring is fun to make. In the whole project, you can entirely use your imagination and express yourself fully in the special holiday. Do you love today’s guide on how to make Christmas earrings into a simply tree design? Later, I will publish another more funny Christmas jewelry ornaments making guides, such as the wreath design, stocking and so on. Please stay tuned. 

Beads Material Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit

12mm SkyBlue Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads(GR12MMY-20L)

12mm SkyBlue Abacu...(GR12MMY-20L)

Weight: 1311g Unit: 10Strands

10 ~ 13mm 1Strands out of stock US $23.16

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8mm DeepSkyBlue Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads(GR8MMY-20L)

8mm DeepSkyBlue Ab...(GR8MMY-20L)

Weight: 377g Unit: 10Strands

8 ~ 9mm 1Strands 16 Unit US $8.13

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6mm DeepSkyBlue Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads(GR6MMY-20L)

6mm DeepSkyBlue Ab...(GR6MMY-20L)

Weight: 233g Unit: 10Strands

6 ~ 7mm 1Strands 7 Unit US $7.06

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4mm Red Bicone Glass Beads(GB4mmC47)

4mm Red Bicone Gla...(GB4mmC47)

Weight: 179g Unit: 20Strands

4 ~ 5mm 1Strands 7 Unit US $9.39

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4mm Mixed Color Cube Glass Beads(GS4MM-M)

4mm Mixed Color Cu...(GS4MM-M)

Weight: 366g Unit: 20strands

4 ~ 5mm 1strands 191 Unit US $3.84

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5cm Golden Brass Pins(HPC5.0cm-G)

5cm Golden Brass P...(HPC5.0cm-G)

Weight: 1150g Unit: 1000g

-- 1g 7 Unit US $29.02

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Golden Brass Earring Hooks(KK-Q369-G)

Golden Brass Earri...(KK-Q369-G)

Weight: 161g Unit: 1000pcs

-- 2pcs 4 Unit US $9.95

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Tools Information

Item Description Size Actual quantity Stock Price/Unit



Weight: 99g Unit: 1Plier

-- 1Plier 384 Unit US $1.37

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Weight: 85g Unit: 1Plier

-- 1Plier 297 Unit US $1.37

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