How to crochet beaded necklaces

Summary: What do you think of crochet craft? Do you believe it will be an extinct folk art in near future? This project about how to crochet beaded necklaces aims at tutoring you this old technique in modern fashion.

Date : Aug 16, 2012

What do you think of crochet craft? Do you believe it will be an extinct folk art in near future? This project about how to crochet beaded necklaces aims at tutoring you this old technique in modern fashion.

In the matter of fact, jewelry beading fashion has promoted many crafts’ developments and reinforced their foundations. Crocheting is one of them and it gets innovated with some new ideas, especially with beading ideas. It is being developed at large extents, and this should be attributed to jewelry makers.

If you love jewelry making, like beading, what will you do to create some new items by combing your beading craft with crochet skill? Some talents think about crochet beaded necklace with wire. Interesting? So how to crochet beaded necklaces?

crochet beaded necklace

How to crochet beaded necklaces Step 1: prepare crochet materials

First, determine what the length of your crocheted beaded necklace.

Second, thread beads onto the wire

How to crochet beaded necklaces step 2: undertake crochet work

First, use crochet hook to make a loop on the wire, twist the loop to tighten the loop.

Second, make wire through the hook and make chain stitch.

Third, move one previously strung bead to the hook, pull the wire through loop, making a chain with bead.

Fourth, repeat the chain making step, and until the length is proper.

Fifth, use wire cutter to cut off the wire and leave about 4 inches

Sixth, crochet another two wires with beads; the process is same with above steps.

How to crochet beaded necklaces step 3: twist the crocheted branches

First, hold the three crocheted strings and twist their ends at one side

Second, take this side as the starting point of braiding, and braid the three strings, making them become one.

How to crochet beaded necklaces step 4: finish the necklace

First, cut off the excess wire at ends, and thread one big bead on the twisted wire. And then make a split loop and add toggle clasp in it, and close the loop.

Second, at another end, similarly add a bead and make a split loop, and put the other part of toggle in it. Then close it.

At very beginning, you may not be used to the wires. As most crocheting work, it is often strings are used to do this. It is a good advice for you to get some cheap wires and practice the crocheting craft. Remember that Rome was not built in one day. The project how to crochet beaded necklaces is over, but your practices of jewelry making are not.

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