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  • Fundamental Knowledge and Standard of Crystal

    Summary : Some natural crystal beads will contain a number of cracks more or less, thus, what is the main reason? Some will blame this on the quality of crystal. They think it is very common for cracks appear after wearing for a long time. In general, all these issues are not entirely wrong but not absolutely right as well.

    Date:May 18, 2012

  • Earrings Handmaded from Resin and Crystal Hoop

    Summary : Present your loved friends or relatives with handmaded jewelries and normally, you will give them a big surprise as the handmade jewelry are the unique ones and can seldom be found elsewhere.

    Date:Oct 14, 2011

  • White Pearl and Glass Bracelet

    Summary : Pearls will never go out of style, but not every pearl jewelry can hit the world. While with some simple change and combination, a fresh piece of jewelry made of pearl will dazzle you and the white pearl and glass bracelet is just the one.

    Date:Sep 28, 2011