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  • Do It Yourself-earring rings

    Summary : Have you got large number of earrings in your jewelry box now? Do you just forget the outdated earrings? Then just follow the steps so that you will make a huge surprise!

    Date:Apr 20, 2012

  • Choose beads according to your style

    Summary : As everyone has its own style, it is the same to jewelry beads. Choose the right one, it will add points to your whole look. In this article, i will introduce 3 styles for you.

    Date:Apr 14, 2012

  • The color match in jewelry design

    Summary : To make a perfect design, you will also need well color collocation besides fine quality materials. No matter what you wanna to make it be, the color almost depends on your favor and the next is the color else. so, about your designs, I’d like to give you some advice while choosing the most suitable color.

    Date:Apr 11, 2012

  • Blue ocean swarming on your fingertip

    Summary : Romantic and passionate summer is on the way. In such special season, females are trying their best to make up themselves with luxury jewelry. Jewelry series full of tropical style, and bold contrast color gemstone beads combinations, coupled with soft and irregular lines cut are always raising superb natural beauty. This summer let the blue sea swarming on your finger. This ring use London Blue Topaz to build blue sea charm. Three clear blue precious stone though waves of baptism and polished, ...

    Date:Apr 05, 2012

  • 4 important elements in pricing your hand-made jewelry

    Summary : For jewelry beads purchaser, they are either DIY enthusiast or doing business with end products in jewelry field. If you are the former one then you won’t have the trouble of pricing your hand-made jewelry. However, if you are the later, it’s do a problem for you. So, i will explain 4 important elements which are very essential.

    Date:Apr 03, 2012

  • Common glass beads add charm to you

    Summary : Glass beads are the most common items in jewelry beads. While they are also the most widely used than other beads. This time i will introduce painted glass beads to you. With the technology of painted, glass beads are becoming more and more beautiful.

    Date:Mar 15, 2012