Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands, Round, Turquoise, 8mm, Hole: 1mm, about about 50pcs/strand(X-TURQ-S192-8mm-2)

  • Unit: 1 Strand Weight: 32 g Stock Available: 49 unit


Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands, Round, Turquoise

Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1mm; about 50pcs/strand.

These are really nice imitation turquoise with authentic looking black veining throughout. Each bead is unique and will have a different color and vein. Matched with other lustrous gemstone to be necklaces, bracelets add fashion and cute to your jewelry.
Priced per 1 Strand


Color: Sky Blue

Shape: Round

Usage: Beads

Nature: Synthetic

Material: Synthetic Turquoise

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 30% off