Natural Agate Beads Strands, Dyed, Round, Dark Red, 8mm, Hole: 1mm, , about 24pcs/strand, 7.6 inch(X-G-G515-8mm-04)

  • Unit: 1 Strand Weight: 20 g Stock Available: 22 unit Sold:22unit
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Color Dark Red
Shape Round
Dyed Dyed
Usage Beads
Hole Style Center Drilled
Nature Natural
Material Natural Agate
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Discount: 50% Discount
Natural Agate Beads Strands, Dyed, Round, Dark Red

Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1mm, about 24pcs/strand, 7.6 inch.

Agate is one of the precious stones in nature. It is amazing that agate can help help release negative energy such as pressure and tiredness. And also they help you keep your healthy. Through being carefully polished, they looks very elegant and are suitable to wear especially for women. Due to the beads are dyed, the color may vary slightly.
Priced per 1 Strand

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