Natural Amethyst Beads Strands, Round, Indigo, 8mm, Hole: 1mm, about 22~24pcs/strand, 7.6 inch(X-G-G099-8mm-1)

  • Unit: 1 Strand Weight: 20 g Stock Available: 214 unit


Natural Amethyst Beads Strands, Round, Indigo

Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1mm; about 22~24pcs/strand, 7.6 inch.

Amethyst with purple and crystal appearance, it is stands for nobleness elegance and power. Amethyst is birthstone of February that adds a mysterious and romantic hue to it. They are great for jewelry which moves office to elegant dining.
Priced per 1 Strand


Color: Indigo

Shape: Round

Usage: Beads

Hole Style: Center Drilled

Nature: Natural

Dyed: Undyed

Material: Amethyst