6/0 Glass Seed Beads, Transparent, Round, Deep Sky Blue, 4mm, hole: 1.5mm; about 496pcs/50g(X-SEED-A004-4mm-3B)

  • Unit: 50 g Weight: 58 g Stock Available: 15 unit


Glass Seed Beads, Transparent, Round, Deep Sky Blue

Size: 6/0, about 4mm in diameter, hole:1.5mm; about 496pcs/50g.

These extremely uniform beads offer more intricate and uniform design potential. Transparent seed beads allow you to create intricate patterns and subtle color changes not possible with larger beads. They are also ideal for going around corners or for filling small spaces in patterns with larger beads. Popular for jewelry accessory like necklace, bracelet and earring ect.
Priced per 50 g


Color: Deep Sky Blue

Shape: Round

Material: Glass

Usage: Beads

Seed Classification: Transparent Colours

Seed Beads Size: 6/0

Hole Style: Round Hole