Antique Bronze Brass Alligator Hair Clip Settings, 60x10mm, Tray: 12mm(X-PHAR-E015-AB-NF)

  • Unit: 5 pc Weight: 27 g Stock Available: 15 unit


Brass Alligator Hair Clip Settings, Antique Bronze

Size: about 10mm wide, 60mm long, 2mm thick, tray: 12mm inner diameter.

Hair clips are in shapes with different style, holding one in hand are a smart choice, fashion and charming.Just pasting a rhinestone or a gemstone cabochon on it, then a beautiful hair clip will come.
Priced per 5 pc


Metal Color: Antique Bronze

Material: Brass

Usage: Alligator Hair Clips

Tray Size: 11~15mm

Tray Shape: Flat Round