Natural Tiger Eye Stone Bead Strands, Chip, 4~10x4~6x2~4mm, Hole: 1mm; about 210pcs/strand, 35.4 inches(G-R192-19)

  • Unit: 10 Strand Weight: 691 g Stock Available: 4 unit


Natural Tiger Eye Stone Bead Strands, Chip

Size: about 4~10mm long, 4~6mm wide, 2~4mm thick, hole: 1mm; about 210pcs/strand, 35.4 inches.

Do you be attracted by these pretty stones? These beautiful stones are very nice for craft or jewelry design. Due to being polished well, shiny exterior become their most distinctive feature. Also the beautiful colors will let your design be more wonderful!
Priced per 10 Strand


Color: Chocolate

Usage: Beads

Shape: Chip

Hole Style: Center Drilled

Nature: Natural

Material: Tiger Eye

Dyed: Undyed

Origin: Brazil/South Africa

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 40% off