The pictures of these beads on our website are just a reference to tell you that they are in mixed colours or mixed shapes. However,the colours or shapes we get from the factory may vary each time.
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Stainless Steel Double Pointed Knitting Needle Settings, with Iron Tapestry Needles and Knitting Gauges, More Size Available, DarkSlateGray

Size: bag: about 265mm long, 90mm wide, 22mm thick; needle: 250mm long, 1.4~3.5mm in diameter; 1set including: 11mm circular knitting needles, 1pc tapestry needles, 1pc knitting gauges.

We've got the sewing and knitting kit tools to help you get the job done right and quality. There are needles, knitting hooks, knitting loom useful tools and son on.
Priced per 1 Set
Please Note: Due to stock variety, color or shape of mixed products may vary from photo sample shown on our website.


Color: DarkSlateGray

Usage: Needles

Material: Stainless Steel

Offer: Mixed Products

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Discount: 10% off