Craft Copper Wire, Silver, 20 Gauge, 0.8mm, about 9.84 Feet(3m)/roll(X-CWIR-CW0.8mm-06)

  • Unit: 1 Roll Weight: 21 g Stock Available: 31 unit


Craft Copper Wire, Silver

Size: 0.8mm in diameter, about 9.84 Feet(3m)/roll.

These wires are made of copper. Different sizes can be used in different stringing Occasions. Larger wires can be used to string beads which are bigger and heavier, and smaller wires are the opposite. You can string some jewelry beads on it to be bracelets, necklaces and so on. And it also can be used to make some artwares. Generally speaking, it is excellent for art projects, jewelry project, craft projects and more.
Priced per 1 Roll


Color: Silver

Wire Size: 0.8mm

Usage: Wire

Material: Copper

Wire Gauge: 20 Gauge(0.8mm)