304 Stainless Steel Jump Rings, Jewelry Accessory, 18 Gauge, 7x1mm, Inner Diameter: 5mm(X-STAS-E043-7x1mm)

  • Unit: 10 g Weight: 11 g Stock Available: 7 unit


304 Stainless Steel Jump Rings

Size: about 7mm in dameter, 1mm thick(18 Gauge); about 5mm inner diameter.

Stainless Steel Jump Rings are a basic component in jewelry making and design. It is popularly used as a connector in jewelry construction. It can be used for attaching charms to necklaces or bracelets.
Priced per 10 g


Shape: Ring

Metal Color: Stainless Steel Color

Usage: Open Jump Rings

Wire Gauge: 18 Gauge(1mm)

Material: 304 Stainless Steel