Plastic Bead Design Boards, DarkGray, 34.8x26x1.6cm(TOOL-D052-01)

  • Unit: 10 pc Weight: 1005 g Stock Available: 28 unit


Plastic Bead Design Boards, Dark Gray

Size: about 34.8cm long, 26cm wide, 1.6cm thick; ring: about 4.2cm/4.5cm/4.85cm/5.15cm/5.45cm/5.75cm/6.1cm/6.45cm in diameter.

This bead board makes it easier to plan out a necklace or bracelet design before stringing. Perfect for laying out intricate beading without fear of the beads rolling away.Besides, this board is such a time saver and Makes beading so much easier.
Priced per 10 pc


Color: Dark Gray

Material: Plastic

Usage: Bead Design Boards