Brass Brooch Findings, Round, Silver Color Plated, 18mm, Pin: 0.8mm(X-KK-G220-S)

  • Unit: 10 pc Weight: 17 g Stock Available: 14 unit


Brass Brooch Findings, Round, Silver Color Plated

Size: about 18mm diameter, 16mm inner diameter, pin: 0.8mm.

The decorative brooch allow you to create a personalized accessory that can be worn on coats, sweaters or hats. Women are in favor of brooches. Wearing a decent dress matched with a commensurate brooch greatly highlights the female grace and nobleness.
Priced per 10 pc


Metal Color: Silver

Material: Brass

Tray Size: 16~20mm

Tray Shape: Flat Round

Usage: Brooch Base Settings

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 60% off