Flat Faux Suede Cord, Faux Suede Lace, Prussian Blue, 2.5x1.5mm, about 5.46 yards(5m)/strand(LW-WH0003-01G)

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Material Faux Suede
Wire Size 2.5mm
Color Prussian Blue
Usage Thread & Cord
Flat Faux Suede Cord, Faux Suede Lace, Prussian Blue

Size: about 2.5mm wide, 1.5mm thick, about 5.46 yards(5m)/strand.

Faux suede, a man-made fabric used in clothing and jewelry, is made entirely of 60% nylon+ 40%PU synthetic fibre. It is designed to mimic the look of regular suede, which is a leather product made from the undersides of animal skins. The maximum load capacity is 3.5~4 kg pulling force. It is soft, flexible and durable to make it the ideal material to use to create all of your jewellery. Available in a great range of colours for jewellery making and crafting projects!
Priced per 10 Strand

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