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The pictures of these beads on our website are just a reference to tell you that they are in mixed colours or mixed shapes. However,the colours or shapes we get from the factory may vary each time.
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Acrylic Safety Brooches, with Iron Pin, Mixed Shapes, Mixed Color


Strawberry: 39.5x35x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Crocodile: 25x70x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Cherry: 33x45x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Coconut Tree: 44.5x37.5x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Banana Car: 27x47x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Chips: 46x39x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Lemon: 38.5x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Glasses: 24x50x8mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Flat Round with Heart: 40x38x8mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Beverages: 53x30x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Hamburger: 34x38.5x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Radio: 32.5x44.5x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Word "OK": 29.5x40x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7, 1pc;

Milk: 45x32.5x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Polo Shirt: 46x32x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Ice-cream: 62x26x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Diamond: 37x40x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Camera: 30x48x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Bus: 28.5x43x8mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc;

Plane: 35.5x48.5x8.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 1pc.
Priced per 1 Set
Please Note: Due to stock variety, color or shape of mixed products may vary from photo sample shown on our website.


Material: Acrylic

Color: Mixed Color

Usage: Brooch

Gender: Unisex

Offer: Mixed Products

Offer: Promotion

Discount: 10% off